Greater Rochester Area Summer Softball  League

Frequently asked Questions

Why Inside?  The main reason we decided to move our camp to Premiere is to get out of the rain.  There is no way we can reschedule a complete rain out.  Also, we have the ability to host more players, bathrooms are closer, we can have tables for snacks, easier access to water, quicker setup and cleanup, more options for defense and hitting stations. 

Which camp should I register in?       Our Tuesday  camp is for Travel girls ages 9-12.    Our Thursday camp is for Travel girls ages 12-16.  We ask that you be on a travel team to register for camp.  You must be on a 14u or a 16u Travel softball team or be known to hit 55mph off machine at HH to register for Thu camp.    You must be on a 12u or 10u Travel softball team to register for Tue camp.  Well above average 12u players will be considered for Thu 16u camp on a case by case basis.

What is this camp about?     This Camp is for the serious player looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.  The defensive skills portion of the practice will be scripted and focus on specific skills either individual or team.  The hitting events will be specific stations  moving from one place to another.  At NVP Premiere Sports Center of Western NY we will have at least 3 live hitting stations and several tee stations.

Is lunch provided?       No, but we will have a snack time or break time built in for the players to get water or eat something.   Please have a good breakfast before practice.

Will there be scrimmages or pitching instruction?       We will not be teaching pitching.  We may do two live scrimmages off machine the last week of camp.  Upon request, there could be some specific catching instruction during the throwing time slots.  Otherwise this will be a complete practice over a 4 hour period. 

What shoes can we wear?       We will be inside on turf.    Please wear turf shoes or sneakers.   

What else should we bring?      Players are responsible for having all their own equipment.  All should have their own helmet, catchers gear, water bottle, snacks etc.    Please bring your molded cleats in your bag as we may  go outside for fly balls etc. 

What if it rains?       We have moved the camp from Mercy High School to avoid rain cancellation. 

What will the camp provide?    We will provide all the balls, pitching machines, tees, etc. and be set up ready to go for a high level practice.  Please be on time and ready to go at 10am.

What day should I register my Player in the camp?  The Tuesday camp is for the younger girls ages 9-12.  On Thursday we would like to have the older kids, ages 12-16.   12 year olds will be invited to Thursday Camp if they play 14u or are known to hit 55mph off machine at HH.

What about water?  Bring your water bottle.