Thursday age 12-16  Camp.

    July 3rd 10am till 2pm
    July 11th 10am till 2pm
    July 18th 10am till 2pm
    July 25th 10am till 2pm
    August 1st 10am till 2pm
    August 8th 10am till 2pm

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Established in 2015, The Greater Rochester Area Summer Softball Camp will provide aspiring players a high level - 4 hour - practice environment.  Scripted practices will include -

  •     Stretch, run and throw
  •     Extended IF/OF with fielding drills, positional play and cutoffs.
  •     Extended hitting with tee and soft toss stations, live hitting and on field hitting off machine.
  •     Situational base running experience during batting practice.

We Love this Game

2019 Schedule of Softball Events

Tuesday age 9-12  Camp.
    July 2nd 10am till 2pm 
    July 9th 10am till 2pm
    July 16th 10am till 2pm
    July 23rd 10am till 2pm
    July 30th 10am till 2pm
    August 6th 10am till 2pm

19   registered


Greater Rochester Area Summer Softball  League

Location - Premiere Sports Center of  Western NY